Introduction to Our beautiful Bonsai Farm



It all started when…

Driftwood Bonsai Nursery is located on Highway 101 approximately five miles North of Bandon, Oregon. Situated on five acres over the hill from the Pacific Ocean.                                                    The nursery was first started when I was introduced to Bonsai by George Ahuna. As soon as I started styling trees I realized that this was going to be the focus for me moving forward.                                  My background is in culinary arts. Having owned and operated my own restaurant, I started growing my own vegetables for my restaurant on my property. I had closed my restaurant and was selling vegetables to local restaurants. When I realized that Bonsai was my true passion, I started growing trees instead of vegetables. I always felt comfortable with starting plants form seed and cuttings. My first trees were black pine, red pine, maples, elms, hornbeams and juniper. I live in Coos County where coincidently; the main economic activity is growing trees for logging. We have an ideal climate for growing trees and have a great variety to collect for Bonsai. I have become a serious collector and the species I have access to, and collect include; Shore pine, Western Hemlock, Douglas fir, Sitka spruce and Port Orford cedar.  After a forty year career in Culinary I have transitioned to Driftwood Bonsai full time. My main focus is growing Pre-Bonsai trees, collecting local trees, and styling trees for Bonsai. I look forward to seeing you at Driftwood Bonsai.

Tom Roberts