I have a lot of material that has been field growing that will be available starting this spring. If you are a fan of Japanese Black Pines I have several hundred nice specimens available in all sizes. Most of these trees were shaped in the field and have really nice movement taper and good branching. I also have some nice Japanese Red Pines these trees have had a little pruning and some basic shaping done to them. I have several Japanese White Pines that have been shaped and they have some size as well. I have quite a few Japanese Larch, they have some size, they are starting to bark up nicely and I have quite a range of sizes. I have five large Shimpaku Juniper that I have been field growing for over twelve years. These tree’s have been wired and shaped since they were small, they have great movement with all kinds of branches to chose from they are getting pretty large. I also have some other Shimpaku that I will be pulling some are quite nice with fat trunks.I have about ten Needle Junipers that are putting on some size and should be very nice. I am going to have some Korean and Japanese Hornbeams available in medium to large sizes, these tree’s have been growing in the field for over twelve years so they are putting on some size, have great branching and are looking really nice. I have two large Pacific Crab Apple tree’s they have been in training for over twelve years and are really nice.I have a few Western Hemlocks that have pretty good size and great movement.I have started to collect shore pines, I have quite a selection already available but should be adding new material soon.I have some really large tree’s available that I don’t put on my website because they are so large. If anyone is interested I have large Redwoods, Bald Cypress, one large Douglas Fir a large Monterey Cypress as well as other material. I have way more material than I can post on my website so if you have questions send me an email.