" What beautiful living material I will have in 2019”

As I have been walking my growing fields over the last few weeks; watering fertilizing pruning and doing other maintenance I have been inventorying in my head what I will be pulling out of the ground this next winter and spring. The first tree’s I want to talk about are Japanese Black Pines, I have lots of these they have been shaped and have great movement nice taper and I have them in all sizes from large to small. Next I am going to mention five large Shimpaku Junipers I have been field growing for over ten years. These have been wired when they were young, have nice movement close to the ground and are looking really nice. I have quite a few Korean hornbeams that have ben field growing for over ten years. These beauties have thick trunks, good variety of shapes and will make great bonsai. I have lots of Japanese larch that I will be pulling this year, these larches have thick trunks lots of branching and are very healthy. I also have some Coast Redwoods available, Bald Cypress, Needle Juniper and as always Shore pines. I am going to focus on collecting Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock as well this year. I have plenty of Trident maples, Chinese Elms and Hackberry I am going to post photo’s of these after leaf drop so people can see the branching better. If you get a chance come to beautiful Bandon Oregon and see the Nursery.