Public Bonsai Display for the South Oregon Coast

 Here is a little bit about a public bonsai display. 

  After spending most of my life in the Food Service Industry I have now changed direction and the focus of my energies is the art of Bonsai.I have built Driftwood Bonsai north of Bandon Oregon and one of my wishes is to establish a public Bonsai display somewhere in Coos County. Having decided almost twenty five years ago to make Coos County my home I have fallen in love with the Southern Oregon Coast. I also feel you would have a difficult time finding an area and a climate more suitable for Bonsai.
  There is a rich history of Bonsai Culture on the Southern Oregon Coast and part of my wishes in establishing the public display is to highlight the talents of some of the local Bonsai artists both living and deceased .This area has a rich history based on the use of our forests and using an art form such as Bonsai seems to me to be an artistic way to draw interest in the unique natural beauty of this magnificent landscape.
  Some of the locations I have considered so far include; The South Slough Estuary, Mingus Park, SWOCC, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. There would be a few basic requirements for the display that would include; access to running water, a shed workspace,a distance of 4 or 5 miles from the beach, some kind of security for expensive trees, fairly easy access to the public. This would be a draw to the area, we are already getting known around the country as an area where Bonsai is thriving so this would be a natural addition to our thriving Bonsai culture.